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Jesus? Not In This Life.

I was in a meeting of about 25 to 30 people and when they found out that I was a pastor, as often happens, the subject turned to Jesus. It turned out that most of them were Christians. As I listening … Continue reading

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They Followed and Became

“And They Followed Vanity and Became Vain” I came across this wonderful statement in my reading of the book of 2 Kings. It’s the writers assessment of the nation of Israel after being conquered by Assyria and thrown headlong into exile. … Continue reading

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When You Should Not Listen to Jesus

As I listen to more and more people wrongly use passages in the Gospels, it seems that we need some simple rules for interpreting Gospel material. So here are some rules that I think will be helpful. Rule 1: Listen … Continue reading

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Working in Freedom

This is the story of my journey to freedom in Christ. One that I believe many may be able to identify with. My hope is that what has taken me many years to experience, and then articulate, will give a voice to … Continue reading

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